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Wondering about Internet?


Internet is a global network of computer networks. Also called a network of networks, which consisting of tens of thousands of networks, in which it is connected millions of computers almost the entire world. Moreover, the numbers in this not much involved, since this dramatically growing and when you read this paragraph have certainly changed. Internet is becoming some new information space that allows us access to an enormous number of data. In a network accessible to various types of information from commercial, academic to the public and of course personal.

Thus, slowly coming true in the period when we can bite into an apple and say that the world is not one, two worlds. All the more is changing people's views on the Internet and the perception of the Internet as a "dependency računalničarjev "more and more overgrown in the opinion that" the Internet a necessity. "To this should also help man's search for the quickest access to the information we need.

WHAT about the Internet?

In today's world has almost no activity with which to deal and the man 't find the Internet. This show has a number of promotional products, since almost no posters or television advertising, in what corner of the 't had written "... www", which is not a nothing more than "home address" in that second, the virtual world of information, where pet numbers replace Internet addresses.

The Internet is therefore a medium that allows people to present their product to the wider environment and This contributes to the global data base. It is also working with experts in specific areas and involvement in various projects, which combine information, analyze, interpret and compare findings. Such projects are collected and create a real database in which it sought a role as astronomy.

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